actors & poets group, inc.

"The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who can't read them." Mark Twain

Actors & Poets was incorporated in 1999 with the mission to promote and expand the general public's understanding and appreciation of theatre, poetry and literature. We do this by dramatizing literary and poetic works. Our first production in 2000 was an adaptation of Arthur Rimbaud's poetry. A Season In Hell selected from a wide range of Rimbaud's work, carefully choosing translations best suited for dramatic speech. It was performed by three men and one woman in a choreographed staging using rhythm, movement and sounds to create a vocal orchestration of the poetry. Two years following this production we presented the piece with many of the poems set to music.

Our next production was Being At Home With Claude, a two-character play from Canada, is a brutal interrogation of a gay hustler who has murdered his lover and reveals the ugly social price for sexual oppression. The play was performed at at Wings Theatre. Following that we mounted an original play from New Orleans, Walkin After Midnight written by a published Southern poet, John Stell. There were readings of a John Berryman play adapted from his book, Recovery, which will be presented in the future, as well as T.H. White's The Book Of Merlyn which we have obtained the right to present and adapt for dramatic presentation, slated for the 2008/2009 season.

In 2009 we presented Voices From Guantanamo,  a theatrical rendering of poems written by some of the detainees while inside Guantanamo Detention Center , and Mark Twain's Chapters From My Autobiography, a theatrical adaptation of Twain’s autobiography. These two pieces were done in repertory. Currently we are in rehearsals for a showcase of Andrew Marvel's comedy My Favorite Husbands to be presented March 2017 in midtown manhattan.